Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sixty-Eight Whiskey

I'm meeting the Army recruiter at 9am tomorrow.

No, I'm not enlisting then....I want a month or two to rehab my shoulder and get my physical activity up to par first. It's been a bitch of a surgery to recover from, and I'm not about to fuck it up for anyone....not even Uncle Sam.

The title of the blog is the MOS of the career field I want to go into. 68W. Period.

If I can't get into 68W, I'm not doing it.

If they pressure me into enlisting sooner than I'm confortable with, I'm walking out.

If they stick me with a civilian recruiter with NO prior service history, I'm either talking to someone else, or I'm leaving.

I am NOT desperate. I'm well qualified and can get a civilian job...I don't HAVE to join the Army. I WANT to, but I don't HAVE to. If I don't like the terms - actually, if I can't handle the terms 'cause I'm sure I'm not going to like ALL of them - I'm not doing it.

NinjaMedic, Sixty Eight Whiskey.

That's my goal.

1 comment:

Epijunky said...

You GO GIRL!!!!

I can't wait to hear how it went! Stick to your guns :)